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waste disposal, recycling & collections in St Albans.
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Everything You Need to Know About Waste Disposal in the St Albans Area

Whether it’s uncollected bins or a sofa that’s past its best, there’s nothing worse than unwanted junk sitting around. That’s why waste disposal is vitally important for local individuals as well as businesses in St Albans.

Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to waste. There are a range of waste disposal options in the St Albans City and District area – and the right one for you will depend on the type of waste you’re dealing with, the urgency of the matter, and how much time and effort you want to put into the waste disposal process.

In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about waste disposal in the St Albans area.

Bin collections in St Albans

Residential properties in St Albans can have up to 5 bins:

  • Green for garden waste
  • Black for recyclable materials
  • Brown non-recyclable waste
  • Green Caddy for food waste
  • Black/Green Box for paper and cardboard

Each of your wheeled bins will be emptied once a fortnight, with the Black and Brown bins emptied one week and your black bin emptied the next.

Finding your collection day

Your bins will be collected on the same day each week, which depends on your address. You can find your bin collection day by searching your postcode and house number on the St Albans City and District website. That said, there are exceptions for bank holidays – particularly over the festive period.

Where to put your bins

On bin collection day, the correct bin or bins should be placed roadside at the edge of your home by 6.30am – most people put them out the night before to avoid the early morning rush. You’re then expected to return bins to your property by the end of the day.

Bin rules

You’ll need to make sure your bin isn’t overflowing, with the lid closed ready for collection. Side waste will not be collected by the council, so you’ll need to dispose of this yourself or wait until the next collection day.

It’s also important to put waste in the correct bin, as the council may refuse to collect waste that’s disposed of incorrectly. While there’s far too much to list, you’ll find full details on what goes where on the Council website, with the option to search for an item.

Hertfordshire’s waste recycling centre

If you want to dispose of waste yourself, the waste recycling centre (or ‘tip’) is the place to go. This is ideal for small clear-outs, DIY waste or anything from a missed bin collection. The St Alban's tip is located at 14 Ronsons Way, Sandridge (AL4 9XR) off St Albans Road.

However, there are also several smaller alternatives dotted around the area that are available to St Alban's residents: type your postcode into the Recycle Now website to find your local recycling facilities.

What can I take?

There’s a long list of things you can dispose of at your local tip – including everything from wood and scrap metal to appliances, beds and soft furnishings. When you arrive, you’ll see various sections for each type of waste. Of course, you can always ask attendants if you’re unsure where to put something.

However, here’s a brief list of things you shouldn’t take:

  • Gas cylinders
  • Tyres
  • Garden waste and food waste that is mixed together
  • Commercial waste
  • Household waste that isn’t yours (or that you’ve been paid to dispose of)

Charity donations

They say one man’s waste is another man’s treasure. If you have unwanted items that are in a good condition, local charity shops will often be happy to take them off your hands. In St Albans, there are a number of different charity shops to choose from, each having specific items they collect and sell, search charity shops in your local area and make sure you know what they can and can't take. Most charity shops can't take:

  • Items which pose hygiene concerns (i.e. used bedding, underwear, cosmetics or piercings)
  • Items which pose a safety risk (i.e. gas/oil/petrol/diesel fuelled items, certain electrical appliances)
  • Items which may be considered dangerous (i.e. Knives/daggers/swords/axes, firearms and ammunition, toxic and hazardous substances)
  • Items, the testing of which, would be too much hassle/too expensive and therefore pose a safety risk (i.e. mobility scooters, bicycles, microwaves and wheelchairs)
  • Consumables which need license to sell (Alcohol, prescription drugs, tobacco related products, foodstuffs)
  • Items made from animal products (i.e. bone, ivory, turtle shells and other endangered animal products)

These are only a few general guidelines; make sure you know what your local charity shop does and doesn't take as, when given items like these, they will need to dispose of them - this can detract money from their cause.

Professional waste removal

Last but certainly not least, are professional waste removal services in the St Albans area, which take care of waste removal and disposal for you. There are a variety of services available, depending on the type of waste in question…

Rubbish removal

Rubbish removal services cover a wide range of waste items, including general waste, unwanted electrics and appliances, and furniture – practically anything from in and around your house. A two-man team will be sent at your chosen time and date to remove your rubbish, so there’s no need for you to lift a finger.

Larger items

There are also specialist services for larger items, namely sofas and pianos. Because these items are particularly large and/or heavy, they require specific processes to collect them and dispose of them correctly.

Time and effort aside, professional services eliminate the safety risks involved with moving such large items yourself and remove the need to hire an appropriate vehicle or trailer for transport.

House clearance

Finally, there’s house clearance, which has a range of purposes including:

  • Supporting people with hoarding disorders
  • Assisting bereaved families
  • End of tenancy clear-outs for estate agents
  • General declutters to reclaim your space

In this case, operatives can clear out your entire house or full rooms, including fitted furniture and even carpets – depending on your specific instructions.

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Get a waste disposal quote in the St Albans area

If you want to clear your house of unwanted waste – but don’t want to get your hands dirty – Monster Junk is on hand to help throughout St Albans and the surrounding areas. Our local operatives are ready and waiting to assist with rubbish, large items or entire house clear-outs.

To get started, simply request a quote online. From there, you can book a time and date, then leave the rest up to us.

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