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Open a Monster Junk Branch in Your Area

Monster Junk are looking for energetic, enthusiastic operators all over the UK. If you’d like to be part of a growing, ethical consumer recycling industry, franchising with us could be the answer.


opening a monster junk branch

If you’ve been contemplating making a change to a better work/life balance, consider these questions about your current situation -

Are you well enough paid?

When you consider how hard you work, how fair do you feel your compensation is? It’s frustrating to slog your guts out for other people to profit, or for a low salary that doesn’t last the month. It’s soul-destroying to work all the hours in a self-employed role just for expenses to gobble your profits away to nothing.

  • At Monster Junk everyone works hard, and they get well paid for it.
  • Franchisees run their own branch and deserve the profits they earn.

Junk collection services are a recession-proof growth industry and every corner of the UK need quality operators. What’s stopping you from earning £££ and building your own profitable business for your future security?

Do you get to see your family?

How many important moments do you miss because of work commitments? From the school nativity play to your mum’s hospital appointments, never mind getting yourself to the dentist or to Saturday morning football, there are so many priorities that get stolen away by having to earn to pay the bills.

At Monster Junk each franchisee:

  • Sets their own availability as part of the sophisticated booking system,
  • And no-one has to work evenings or weekends unless they want to.

So from foreign holidays to the occasional Tuesday afternoon, you’re in charge of when you’re available to customers, putting your family back where they belong in your priorities.

Do you improve the world?

When you contemplate the impact you make on your community and environment, can you say your hard work makes things better?  Each Monster Junk operator recycles more than 25 tonnes of household junk EVERY MONTH, and re-routes much of it to be loved and re-used by someone who needs it.
If you were trading in your area right now, you’d be helping to preserve the local environment by collecting unwanted items, and helping the long term future of the planet by diverting junk from landfill and recycling responsibly. Here at Monster Junk, we’re proud to be part of the solution in a real and tangible way.

Do you make people happy?

There’s nothing more rewarding than great customer feedback! If you spend any time trying to sell people things they don’t want or need, you’ll know how that kind of work drags you down. Monster Junk offers a convenient service that’s in high demand, and central functions such as marketing and the call centre are taken care of for you. All you need to do is know your area and enjoy your work, and you’ll find every customer is happy to see you. You’ll be soon getting 5* reviews like these.

rubbish removal in burnham green

How do we help our Franchisees?

Opening a Monster Junk branch in your area might sound daunting, but we make it easy!

If you want to find out more on how you can become the next addition to our fast-growing franchise, <click here> for free info pack on our website. 

At Monster Junk HQ, we’ve been investing in the central services that franchisees depend on.

  • We have a new digital telephone system to handle greater call volumes,
  • We’ve been renewing the way online bookings are processed for greater flexibility,
  • And we’ve been tweaking and updating the franchisee training course.

We do this so you can focus on giving your customers a great service, without getting bogged down in all the busy work.

2024 could be the beginning of the rest of your life - join us for a discovery call to find out more, <click here> for more info on how to get started or <get in touch with your questions>. We're here to help clean up Britain one pile of junk at a time, and together we can make that happen - it all starts with you!


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